Loren Ametller

Mantenimiento de jardines y piscinas. Asistencia a propiedades

Hello, I’m Loren and do pool and garden maintenance. I would like to thank the company for introducing me to my first job. This year I’ve had the chance to run my own pools and gardens.

Isma González

Mantenimiento de piscinas

I’m Isma, and run the pool maintenance. I like to organize my work and timetable so our owners find a pool in good condition.

Llorenç Ametller

Mantenimiento de jardines

Hello, I’m Llorenç, and run the garden maintenance section. What I like best is to work out in the fresh air and in contact with nature.

Alex Álvarez

Trabajos de albañilería y pintura

Hello, I’m Alex, a do building and painting jobs. I feel that I’ve been working all my life with the team despite being the last to arrive.

Diego Chacón

Encargado mantenimiento, asistencia técnica y trabajos de carpintería, lacados y empapelados

Hello, I’m Diego, I organize the maintenance team and also do carpentry jobs. I like working with wood and here I have a little workshop to do my best.

Frans Perea

Encargado instalaciones electricidad y fontanería, montajes y acabados. Asistencia técnica

Hello, I’m Frans, responsible for electric installations, plumbing and finishings. Working here has given me the chance to grow as a professional together with good teammates.

Jaume Gomila

Trabajos de albañilería y pladur

I’m Jaume and work in the building section, painting and plaster surfaces. We are a good team, working daily no matter how difficult it gets, together we make it work. We support each other.

Alex González

Primer contacto y asistencia a propietarios. Relaciones públicas y comerciales

My name is Alex Gonzalez and I’m the commercial and public relations manager. The most exiting thing for me is our pre-engineered houses, with an ecological and efficient approach that is ideal for Menorca, Biosphere Reserve.

Quique Moll

Gerente-gestión de obras. Lidera todos los proyectos de obra nueva y reforma

I’m Quique, Menorca Home Services general manager. The peace of mind of our owners starts with mutual trust and good service. In MHS we gather around good people, simple, close that wish to learn and offer the best possible service. They are our people, they are our team.